Common Misconception

It seems after talking to customers who come in to see us about their DPF problems that there is a huge misunderstanding out there abut the causes of DPF problems and what can be done about them.

We will make this advice from us into a little mini-series of information posts which in the end if followed will save you a large amount of money in the long run.Firstly we will start with this misconception that ‘kicking a car’s head in’ or ‘thrashing the arse off it’ is either good for the car or can hep clear the DPF.

Let me tell you now that this is not the thing to do and in some cases you can even damage it.

Think of a DPF as like a cat supposedly having nine lives so just think that your DPF has nine lives, don’t get this confused with a CAT as in CAT Convertor, we’re talking only about a DPF here.

If you decide to drive like this and think you’ll will be doing good for your DPF then you are much more likely to use up one of its lives.

So be careful and do not do it.